Improving Your Health

Back in 2015 I started running. I was lucky enough to receive a gift card for some high-end running shoes. I never really enjoyed running, mostly because it hurt my knees and shins. Little did I know that having the right shoes can make such a huge difference. After a couple months of training, I ultimately when on to run several 5Ks and last fall I ran my first 10K. I used the C25K app from zenlabs to get started. This app will progressively take you from the couch to your first 5K in just eight weeks.

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Losing a few pounds and getting in better shape were my primary motivations but I wanted to be healthier in other areas of my life too. I also began a seven-day juice fast. The juice I made was a combination of kale, cucumber, celery, green apples, lemons, and ginger. I can tell you that after that seven days, I went out and had a chicken burrito as a reward for sticking to the juice fast for seven days. It was the best chicken burrito I ever ate in my entire life. After treating myself to that meal, I also quit eating processed foods and reduced the amount of red meat that I was consuming and ate smaller portions of chicken and fish. I also increased my intake of fruits and vegetables. I still go out to dinner sometimes but often eat salads or split a healthy dish.

Not only am I feeling healthier, I lost several pounds, gained focus, and increased my energy-levels. That said, the best thing that happened was that I was able to lower my blood pressure from around 140/90 to 115/70. Now, I regularly have some of the best blood pressure readings I have ever experienced.

If you would like to improve your health, one of the best things you can do is just pick one area to start with because a small change it all it takes. One of the simplest steps you can take is to try some red tea to detox your body.

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