The Power of a Good Night’s Sleep

When Your Body is Telling You it is Time to Sleep Then, Go to Sleep

Most nights I have no problem falling asleep. After using my mind all day to do creative and challenging work, I’m usually quite exhausted. The issue I do have sometimes is that I don’t want to go to sleep. I like reading blogs or watching YouTube or Netflix — catching up on my favorite shows or looking for something new to watch. Fighting that urge to go to sleep can lead to a less than productive start the following morning. Lately, to overcome my fear of missing out (FOMO) when I get the first hint that my body (and mind) is ready to fall asleep, I set down the iPad, put the laptop in sleep-mode and go to bed.


Some Solid Sleep Leads to Better Focus and Productivity

These days I am getting a solid 4~5 hours and I usually tack on another two or three after that initial wave. I think that first wave is the most important. Even if I have trouble going back to sleep after that, I am still able to focus and be productive during the day. However, the second wave, that additional two or three hours is like gravy. I just feel really supercharged the next morning and I usually have a very productive day.

When You Have Work on Your Mind, Work

When I am unable to fall asleep it is usually because I did not exercise that day or perhaps I have something important to do for work and it is causing a little stress. I find that instead of tossing and turning, if get up and work for a few hours it accomplishes two things. One, I make some progress on an important assignment, perhaps even completing it. Two, after expending my mind (and nervous energy) for awhile, I am truly ready to fall asleep.

When You Wake Up, Get Up and Get Going

When you wake up, do you toss and turn for a couple hours before getting out of bed? Think of the lost time that you can use to exercise, be productive, or go enjoy a cup of coffee outside on your patio. Instead of tossing and turning in the morning, just try getting up and starting your day. The upside of getting up as soon as you wake up and doing some activity is that you will very likely be more tired at the end of a busy day.  Likewise, you will more likely to want to go to bed and get to sleep right away because your body will be telling you that it is ready to go to sleep.

Sleep Made Easy

Going to bed when you’re tired, getting that extra two to three hours, and getting out of bed right away to start your day will not only lead to a good night’s sleep but you will also be more productive during the day — which inevitably leads back to a better night’s sleep. Throw in some exercise on top of a hard day’s work and boom… no problem falling asleep.

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